LED Flood Lights

Using LED Flood Lights For Increased Safety And Energy Efficiency

What if you could find a flood light that would provide crisp, clear light without guzzling energy and ratcheting up your power bill?  What’s more, what if that light only put out clean, green energy, wasn’t hot to the touch, contained no hazardous metals or moving parts, and could help keep you, your family or your business safer?  With the newest improvements in lighting, you can take advantage of these benefits and more by choosing LED flood lights.

Flood lights offer enhanced security and peace of mind, but maintaining them can be a pain.  When used often, they can burn out after very little time.  They also produce a great deal of heat and this in itself can present a fire and safety hazard.  When they burn out, they go suddenly, forcing you to look for a replacement bulb.   With so much heat and power required to sustain them, it almost seems like a toss up between the amount of money you’re spending and your own personal protection.  Using LED flood lights, on the other hand, will save you a considerable amount of power, time and money.

LED flood lights are engineered to be energy efficient.  Replacing conventional flood lights with LED technology can result in a 24-40% return on investment while cutting your power bill in half.  Many people say that choosing LED lights paid for itself the very first month.  Even entire cities are finding practical applications for putting LED bulbs to use along streets, parks, tunnels and other dimly lit areas.  Using LED flood lights offers greater illumination of your work area at a lower wattage, meaning you can get more light for less money and less power usage.  LED light is clean, efficient and reduces power consumption, so it’s good for the environment too.

In addition to these many benefits, LED flood lights won’t burn out suddenly or flicker the way incandescent and fluorescent lights can over time.  In fact, the amount of light an LED bulb puts out (measured in lumens) is still at 70% of its original capacity even after 50,000 hours of burn time.  Over time, the LED light will simply fade out at lower and lower amounts of light.  But considering its long usage range, you can safely assume that your LED flood lights will continue to provide ample, clear light for many, many projects to come.

Depending on their use, you may be able to get funding or incentives from federal and state initiatives to help support green energy production and renewal.  State energy programs may provide for leasing LED flood lights and your local power company may be able to provide incentives to help make the switch more affordable.  Many of these programs are available in both highly populated cities as well as rural areas.  To learn more, consult with your preferred LED supplier or manufacturer about potential savings and programs you may be able to take advantage of if you buy LED flood lights.