LED Lighting

Cost-Effective and Brighter Solutions For Your Home Or Business

Making the switch to LED Lighting is one of the smartest investments you can make in your home or office.  In addition to burning cleaner and promoting greener energy, LED lights offer numerous other advantages that traditional lighting simply can’t compare to.  For instance, did you know that LED bulbs are no longer limited to the standard red or green that you may remember from your old VCR clock or microwave timer?  LED bulbs have much more practical uses in today’s world, and can often be found powering the lights of city parks and family recreation rooms.  Colors are as varied as the rainbow and can be customized to suit your unique needs and budget.  Create your own atmosphere and set the mood of any room with a warm, comfortable tone, or a cool, modern hue.  It’s possible when you use LED lighting.

In addition to the unique blend of colors and the ample light that LED products provide, you’ll also notice considerable energy savings.  Incandescent bulbs burn out quickly and are hot to the touch.  Halogen lights are ruined with a shock or a harsh jolt.  Fluorescent lights contain mercury and lead and are hazardous to the environment.  None of these conventional lighting systems last nearly as long as LED lights and they all require maintenance to keep the lights on.  When using LED light bulbs, you’ll enjoy the freedom of 50,000 hours of burning time, after which the LED light still retains up to 70% of its normal output.  Compare that to a weak incandescent bulb or a flickering fluorescent light and you’ll see just how reliable LED lighting can be.

What’s more, the savings you get from switching to LED technology will be noticeable on your power bill right away.  LED lighting uses less wattage than traditional lighting, yet the light output (or lumens) is comparable to a regular light.  Less wattage means lower kilowatt hours of power, resulting in up to a 50% energy savings on your bill – and that’s just from one light!  Imagine making the switch to LED for every light in your home or place of business and you can easily see how the benefits add up.

If you’ve been interested in making the transition to LED lighting but find it too cost prohibitive to meet your needs, you’ll be glad to know that there may be funding and incentive programs available to help offset the cost of switching.  State energy programs, as well as federal and local funds may be available to help spur on the nationwide move to greener, cleaner energy.  Your local power company may also offer other benefits.  Consult with your LED manufacturer or supplier for more information on what programs may be available in your area.

All in all, LED lighting is one of the safest, cleanest energy choices you can make when it comes to lighting your “space”.  With every flick of the switch, you’re helping the environment, your wallet and even your health by seeing everything in a whole new light!