LED Suppliers

Finding The Right LED Suppliers For Your Project

Whether you’re looking for LED fixtures, lights, drivers or optics, you already know that choosing LED lights is a smart choice for energy efficiency and saving money.  Businesses, organizations and public service institutions like hospitals and schools trust LED suppliers to help them meet their funding and energy usage goals.  But not all LED suppliers are created equally.  Here’s what to look for when choosing LED suppliers for your project or place of work.

Most LED suppliers offer a variety of bulbs and models from various companies.  This enables buyers to choose the perfect light from any color of the spectrum.  Warm hues present an inviting, traditional look to any room, while cooler tones showcase a modern touch that brightens up a room while washing it in solid, non-glaring light.  In the case of all LED products, you’ll end up with a cost effective lighting solution that doesn’t burn as hot as incandescent lights, and doesn’t contain harmful metals (most notably lead and mercury) like fluorescents can.

When choosing from a multitude of LED suppliers, don’t forget to ask about their product certifications.  Top LED suppliers and manufacturers carry products which are certified (or pending certification) from DarkSky, UL, EnergyStar and other well known energy quality and rating companies.   Buying these types of LED light bulbs can significantly reduce your power use while giving off clean, energy-saving light and saving you up to 53% off your monthly electric bill with just one light.  Considering that LED lights can burn for over 50,000 hours, the savings is clear.

LED lights also offer a little known advantage over other types of lighting.  Depending on where you live, you may qualify for funding to help purchase environmentally friendly LED lighting.  Federal and state energy incentives may be available, as well as State Energy Program funds and incentives from your local power company.   Ask your LED suppliers if they are aware of these programs and would be willing to work with you to help you secure the necessary funding or incentives to make a more energy efficient impact in your business, organization or public service.

If saving money is a high priority on your list, you’ll also be glad to know that LED suppliers carry many types of lights that require little to no maintenance throughout their lifetime.  LED lights don’t “burn out” like incandescent bulbs and contain no hazardous metals or moving parts like fluorescents can.   Because LED lights come in substantially lower wattages than your typical bulb, you may be pleased to learn that this doesn’t result in less light, but rather ample light with less power use at an affordable rate.   For example, a three tube fluorescent light fixture, multiplied by 32 watts for each bulb, can be replaced with LED technology at just 15 watts each, resulting in a 53% savings over typical light bulbs.  With so many reasons to consider making the transition to LED lights, the choice for more environmentally responsible lighting has never been easier.